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Croi Lifesaving training in the west of ireland heart charity

Croí has established the National Institute for Preventive Cardiology (NIPC) which delivers a range of certified courses in lifesaving skills, including resuscitation and dealing with life-threatening emergencies such as choking. For healthcare professionals, training of this nature is usually mandatory and the NIPC offers you an internationally recognised qualification. However, over two thirds of emergencies, such as cardiac arrest or choking, happen outside of hospitals and occur in people's homes, in community places and schools and in the vast majority of cases with a bystander present. Whether you are a parent, a school teacher or a member of the general public being equipped with the necessary skills can mean the difference between life and death. By taking the time to learn about resuscitation and life-saving skills, you could save someone's life.


CPR Training For Health Care Professionals taught by Croi NIPC in Galway CPR Training Resources and Manuals for Learning Lifesaving skills with Croi Heart FoundationCPR Training for Parents Schools and General Public Galway Mayo West


Established by Croí and an affiliate of the National University of Ireland, Galway


Croí is a registered Irish heart & stroke charity dedicated to the fight against heart disease and stroke, with a special focus on the West of Ireland. 

Our Mission is to 'Prevent Disease, Save Lives, Promote Recovery and Wellbeing'

The charity is totally funded through the proceeds of fundraising events, voluntary contributions and philanthropy.
Charity Number: CHY7500

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