From the Heart

Part 2. How can I reduce my Blood Pressure?

Part 2. Tips on how you can reduce your blood pressure. 

    Part 1. Blood Pressure and your body

    Part 1. Blood Pressure & my body. What is blood pressure, what are the causes and how can you idenfity high blood pressure.

      Fish, Omega-3 and Healthy Heart

      Fish has many benefits for the heart but the main benefit comes from its omega-3 fats. Learn more, plus try this tasty Spicy Salmon recipe. 

        Knowledge is Power: Know your Blood Pressure

        High blood pressure is the number one cause of premature death worldwide and is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. The next bit of good news is, once you know you have elevated blood pressure you can take action to help control it.

          Reducing your salt intake

          Become aware of your salt intake this week for #Saltawarenessweek. 

            Heart healthy egg muffins

            Easy to prepare, cook and serve heart healthy egg muffin - Croí dietician approved. 

              How to increase your physical activity during your 9-5

              “Workplace health promotion: How to increase your physical activity during your 9-5”

                Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

                Pancake Tuesday is nearly here! This year try out this healthier option!

                  Spicy Chicken and Bean Stew

                  Enjoy this spicy chicken and bean stew as a warming dinner served with crusty bread, potato or rice. 

                    Weight Control and Effective Weight Loss

                    The Galway Independent’s new ‘Head To Toe’ health and wellbeing section explores all aspects of health, from head to toe. Each week, health experts will answer your questions, offering tips and advice on common complaints and conditions. This week Croí Specialist Dietitian, Rachel Jennings, offers advice on weight control and effective weight loss


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