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Couch to 5km week 4

Croi Galway Night Run - Couch to 5km - week 4


Croi Galway Night Run - FAQ's

Croí Galway Night Run - FAQ's


Malachy's story

When I first heard about the Croí 'My Action Programme' . I threw my eyes to heaven. The Consultant from the stroke unit at UCHG recommended that I should do this. "Yeah right" , I thought; "not for me". I had been admitted to UCHG following a mini- stroke. I have always believed that I was immortal;that nothing could kill me. I ate what I liked, drank what I liked; I had no real exercise in my daily routine; I was a smoker and I failed to deal with stress in my life. I had an early warning sign about my blood pressure in early 2015 during a pre-employment medical. The doctor told me that my blood pressure was unacceptably high. So I googled this underlying, serious problem. I ignored medical advice as I am after all, immortal.

Couch to 5km week 3

Croi Galway Night Run - Couch to 5km - week 3


Couch to 5km - week 2

Croi Galway Night Run - Couch to 5km - week 2


Cholesterol: What is it and how can I manage it?


Cholesterol is a fatty substance which is essential for your body to function day to day. A certain amount of cholesterol is healthy as it forms part of the cell walls and is also necessary to make hormones... However, if there is too much LDL cholesterol it can be deposited along the walls of arteries...

Couch to 5km

Croi Galway Night Run - Couch to 5km - week 1 


Nuts and Heart Health

A recent review of the scientific evidence reveals the intake of almond nuts are associated with significant reductions in cholesterol levels. Croi Weight Management Specialist Dietitian Team 

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and Vegetables


Fruit and vegetables are one of the most important food groups for your heart and overall health. They are a source of fibre as well as vitamins and antioxidants. Croi Weight Management Specialist Dietitian Team 

What is fat?

What is fat?

What is fat?

We all need a small portion of fat in our diet, but fat is considered to be less healthy than other nutrients as is can raise our blood cholesterol, increase our risk to heart disease and are high in calories which can lead to weight gain.

Croi Weight Management Specialist Dietitian Team 


Croí is a registered Irish heart & stroke charity dedicated to the fight against heart disease and stroke, with a special focus on the West of Ireland. 

Our Mission is to 'Prevent Disease, Save Lives, Promote Recovery and Wellbeing'

The charity is totally funded through the proceeds of fundraising events, voluntary contributions and philanthropy.
Charity Number: CHY7500

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