‘A Woman’s Heart’ - Free Public Talk by Heart Specialist, Dr Blaithnead Murtagh.


‘A Woman’s Heart’ - Free Public Talk by Heart Specialist, Dr Blaithnead Murtagh

It’s something of a myth to say that heart disease is a man’s disease, says local heart & stroke charity Croí, as it announces details of an upcoming FREE Public Talk in Tuam to help raise awareness of heart disease in women.


As part of a series of Free Public Talks – the result of a collaboration between local company Bluebird Care and Croí - Consultant Cardiologist Dr Dr Blaithnead Murtagh will speak on ‘Heart Disease in Women’ on Tuesday, March 6th in the Ard Rí Hotel, Milltown Road, Tuam at 7pm.


Heart Disease is not just a ‘man’s disease’ despite being very often portrayed as such. In fact, the risk of heart disease in women is greater than men once women reach a certain age.


‘Women at Heart’ is an awareness campaign by local heart & stroke charity Croí to educate and empower women to make their heart health a priority. The aim of the campaign is to highlight the prevalence of heart disease among Irish women.


“I never thought it could happen to me, I was only 36 years old. My symptoms made me think I had a chest infection, but it turned out I was having a heart attack! I didn’t have any pain down my left arm. I had a feeling best described as an electric shock through my chest but it didn’t alarm me. Turns out, I had two blocked arteries. My cardiologist was fantastic and inserted two stents – now I’m right as rain. Please don’t ignore the signs!"  Sandra, Galway.

The 'Women at Heart' campaign was created by Croí to educate women on their risk of cardiovascular disease and empower them to make their heart health a priority. Heart disease and stroke are the #1 killer of women in Ireland and worldwide. Shockingly Irish women are 7 times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than from breast cancer.

The amazing fact is – 90% of heart disease and stroke is preventable through lifestyle change and risk factor modification. As women, you give so much love and compassion from your heart – to your parents, children, husband, partner and friends – but do you love and care for your own heart in the same way?

This collaborative public awareness event by Bluebird Care in association with Croi aims to be very informal, interactive and informative.

Sean, managing director at Bluebird Care Galway commented "My Dad died from heart disease back in 1969 so our involvement with Croí is really personal as I firmly believe that if Croí existed back then he may well be alive today. I believe in the work Croí does helping so many people in this area and their level of professionalism makes them a good fit for Bluebird Care as we are constantly working to provide our customers with the very highest standards of homecare”


We are asking you to join forces with the women you love and spread the word about this real health issue. Come along to our free public talk and make your heart health a priority!


Places for this free talk are limited. Book your place now or call Croí on 091 544310.





Croí is a registered Irish heart & stroke charity dedicated to the fight against heart disease and stroke, with a special focus on the West of Ireland. 

Our Mission is to 'Prevent Disease, Save Lives, Promote Recovery and Wellbeing'

The charity is totally funded through the proceeds of fundraising events, voluntary contributions and philanthropy.
Charity Number: CHY7500

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