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Short Courses and Conferences by Croi Heart and stroke charity

Croí delivers a range of short courses and conferences within the specialities of preventive cardiology under the auspices of the National Institute for Preventive Cardiology (NIPC). Preventive cardiology is a multidisciplinary speciality that includes the prevention and control of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity.   The NIPC was established by Croí and is an affiliate of the National University of Ireland and aims to produce a new generation of scholars and leaders in cardiovascular health and disease prevention. The Institute provides a portfolio of educational and training programmes designed specifically to support continuous professional development right through to a range of formal postgraduate qualification.  Short courses include health behaviour change (e.g. motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural techniques), lifestyle risk factor management (e.g. nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation), psychosocial health (stress management), medical risk factor management (blood pressure, lipids and glucose) and use of cardioprotective therapies. The NIPC also encompasses the Centre for Lifesaving Training which delivers a wide range of lifesaving skills training programmes to both health professionals and the general public.

 In November of each year the NIPC holds its main annual conference which brings together around 200 health professionals, researchers and industry together to debate and discuss the latest controversies and challenges in prevention with international and national experts. 



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Established by Croí and an affiliate of the National University of Ireland, Galway


Croí is a registered Irish heart & stroke charity dedicated to the fight against heart disease and stroke, with a special focus on the West of Ireland. 

Our Mission is to 'Prevent Disease, Save Lives, Promote Recovery and Wellbeing'

The charity is totally funded through the proceeds of fundraising events, voluntary contributions and philanthropy.
Charity Number: CHY7500

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