We are hiring! Research Co-ordinator Ireland-ASPIRE


  • To co-ordinate the I-ASPIRE Survey in hospitals across the Republic of Ireland.



  • To provide training and supervision of data collectors, ensure the accurate collection of clinical data from patient interviews and examinations according to the standardised methods specified in the Scientific protocol (EUROASPIRE V), and entry of all data onto the anonymised internet based EurObservational Research Programme database for EUROASPIRE V.



  • Perform all research duties in accordance with the EUROASPIRE V/ I-ASPIRE study protocol.
  • Identify a representative sample of hospitals in the Republic of Ireland for the survey.
  • Recruit a Cardiologist at each hospital as Principal Investigator to oversee the conduct of the survey.
  • Recruit data collectors at each hospital and train them to interview and examine patients according to the standardised procedures in the scientific protocol.
  • Obtain national and local Ethics Committee approvals for the study based on the EUROASPIRE V protocol including patient information and consent procedures.
  • Identify retrospectively a consecutive sample of patients with coronary heart disease in each hospital and invite them to participate in the study.
  • Review patient medical records and enter required data onto electronic case record forms for all identified patients using the web-based data entry system.
  • Ensure all interview data are accurately collected, collated and entered using the EUROASPIRE V/ I ASPIRE documentation and web-based data entry system.
  • Liaise with the ESC EurObservational Research Project data manager via the web based data entry system to ensure the data collected are cleaned and ready on time for statistical analysis.
  • Organise the processing and storage of blood samples in all hospitals prior to their transport to the central laboratory in Finland.


Person Specification

Knowledge Training and Experience

  • A graduate registered nurse (desirable)
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience
  • Good understanding of cardiovascular disease risk factors and medications
  • Demonstration of clinical updating, e.g. attendance at relevant courses and conferences
  • Practical experience of clinical research
  • Experience of working within a team
  • Understanding of the Irish Health System
  • Knowledge of clinical governance and clinical effectiveness
  • Health and safety risk awareness

Analytical and Judgmental Skills

  • Able to monitor patient recruitment returns (to research projects), interpret and clean data, identify problems and develop solutions.

Planning and Organisational Skills

  • Able to work autonomously.
  • Ensure the research project is managed according to the specifications of the Scientific Protocol, delivered on time and to the highest standards.
  • Recruit hospitals in collaboration with the Cardiologist Principal Investigators.
  • Train data collectors under the supervision of the European Research Nurse Co-ordinator
  • Report on a weekly basis to the European Research Nurse Co-ordinator
  • Act as a liaison between the NIPC as the co-ordinating centre and the hospitals.

Physical Skills

  • Computer literacy (Word, Excel, email)
  • Use of medical equipment (blood pressure monitors, breath carbon monoxide monitors, etc.)

Responsibility for Patient/Client Care

  • Ensure patients involved in research studies are recruited in accordance with ethics approval and clinical research governance guidelines.

Responsibility for Financial and Physical Resources

  • Use project resources responsibly and according to the protocol
  • Ensure availability and maintenance of appropriate medical physical measurement equipment for the survey.
  • Organise personal budget regarding travel to research centres

Responsibility for Information Resources

  • Monitor data collection in all research centres and maintain close liaison with data management centre to ensure data are collected, entered and cleaned accurately.
  • Ensure paper records are kept and stored safely in accordance with the scientific protocol

Responsibility for Research and Development

  • Ensure adherence to the Scientific Protocol.
  • Ensure data collectors conduct interview and physical examination specified in the training and correctly enter data onto the case record forms and onto the database.
  • Ensure good maintenance of equipment to be used for data collection.

 Competences / Abilities

  • Ability to use initiative and work autonomously in all aspects of working in order to ensure effective decision making
  • Able to travel to hospital centres across the Republic of Ireland.
  • Ensure transfer of equipment between centres
  • Able to prioritise work
  • Use interpersonal skills in recruiting hospitals and patients to the survey
  • Able to work to study deadlines.
  • Excellent organisational skills/time management
  • Ability to problem solve in daily work and find practical solutions
  • Ability to set and review priorities and deadlines
  • Good IT skills (Data entry, excel, word, emails)


Communication Skills

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Effective team working
  • Confidence
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to reflect on own practice/performance
  • Ability to communicate with patients and health professionals
  • Understanding and respecting confidentiality



  • Relevant degree in research / nursing
  • Evidence of keeping up to date
  • Able to speak and write English to appropriate standard



This appointment will be offered initially as a fixed term contract for 1 year, with potential for extension subject to funding.  Salary will be commensurate with experience.

To apply, please send your CV with a cover letter to careers@croi.ie before Friday 27th April 2018.

This job profile will be subject to review in accordance with service developments and is neither restrictive nor definitive, but rather a guide to the general range of duties required.




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